Kids Against Hunger Persuasive Paragraph

Every twelve minutes a child dies from hunger.  Started in 1999 by Richard Proudfit, Kids Against Hunger is an organization that will prevent and protect children from starving.  In fact, from every dollar that is donated, ninety cents is used for food that goes to the children.  That only leaves ten cents from each dollar that is used for operational costs!  Volunteers can donate money and time to Kids Against Hunger.  Every third Saturday, volunteers package foods in stations around the country.  Several healthy things are contained in the bags of food that Kids Against Hunger sends out.  The packages contain rice,soy,vitamins, minerals, and vegetables and are sent out in a total number of over three million packages per batch.
The packages are sent out to over 30 countries including, Sudan, Russia, the United States, and Peru. Kids Against Hunger fights hunger in places where hunger is the worst. If we did not send this food, the children would be eating mud pies. Yes, pies made from mud. And yes, they actually eat them.  They eat these mud pies, and they don’t really help the condition they have in their stomach.  It is not good for them because they will make their stomach feel worse.  So please choose Kids Against Hunger for the Cakewalk Charity. You will be saving a starving child every twelve mintues.